Phoenix Rising Collaborative Art Project

We hope you will join us in our Phoenix Rising collaborative art project, running April 23rd through May 28th!

We plan to construct a large phoenix rising to display in the chapel. Neat, right? Why art at church or in worship? Art can help people with different learning styles connect with God. Art helps us express our worship to God when words do not suffice. Art also invites vulnerability which leads to stronger community. And why a phoenix? We will talk more about these at our KICKOFF party for the project on Sunday, April 23rd after service.

Each person will get a piece to decorate which will be added to the Phoenix. No art skills needed! If you can’t make April 23rd you will have the opportunity to contribute in subsequent services leading up to the unveiling on May 28th.

In addition, this project will also double as a mini fundraiser: “Phoenix Fund-Rising.” It is our hope to raise some funds which will go to the purchase of new signage with our new logos. Yet, more energy to get our new name where it needs to be! Suggested donation is $15, and can be made in cash at a designated basket by the art supplies, or texting any amount plus “art” to 84321 (example: text “15 ART” or “25 ART”.) However, we’d like everyone to make a piece regardless of a donation as this is meant to be inclusive. Please join us!

We’d like to thank Cairn Yakey for this fabulously fun idea. Cairn often incorporates art in their psychotherapy practice and created a similar project at The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology. Shannon Fletcher is in a supporting role and offered up the idea of the fundraiser.