Envision Community: Mutual Care Ministry

February is often called the month of love, thanks to a certain holiday that celebrates romantic love mid-month. At Envision Community Church, we are called to love every month of the year. This month, we wanted to highlight our Mutual Care Ministry, which is just one way our community supports and cares for each other!

Each of our Mutual Care Ministry Team Members has gone through pastoral caregiving training, as a way of expanding care options within our community beyond our part-time pastor team. Of course, we all care for each other in a variety of ways here at ECC, but this team is here as an additional option for formal care and support to community members during challenging seasons.

Mutual Care Expectations
Our Mutual Care Team Members are able to provide up to three sessions on a given topic. Care sessions usually last about an hour, and can be offered in person or via Zoom or by phone depending on your mutual availability and preference. These sessions typically consist of listening, prayer and recommendations for additional support resources.

Anything shared with a Mutual Care Team Member is shared in limited confidence. Information can be expected to be shared between Mutual Care Team Members and our Pastors; who in turn will hold those details in confidence to allow for referrals for additional support, the sharing of pastoral care duties and for team members to get advice. FYI, Mutual Caregivers and all of our church Team Members, are also mandatory reporters.

How To Connect

See the Mutual Care Ministry page on our website for a list of our current Mutual Care Team Members, along with areas of special knowledge. Feel free to reach out to them directly to set up a time for a care session.