A Christmas Message From Our Elder Brenda

Christmas holds many thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. It is both sacred and magic. God expressed his love by sending the Christ child to teach us how to love God, our neighbors, and ourselves. His love permeates the season as we spend time with our families and our friends. We experience the anticipation of the Advent season as we plan for the joy of Christmas Eve. 

Christmas is also about the joy of the magic of Santa. My husband, Tom, was a professional Santa for about 20 years. The faces of children would light with joy when he would hold them, speak to them, laugh with them, and bless them. His joy and laughter would fill a room and no one would have more fun than he did! This Christmas is a big celebration for my family. Our Santa is now with his Christ and the joy is now forever. 

For our Lefthand family, the joy and magic of Christmas begins with our celebration of Advent. There are special services with times for each expression of this season. Mixed with joy and celebration are tears and grief for losses too great to bear alone. Our church, our state, and our country mourn with those affected by violence, loss of life to mass murder, and lingering prejudice and racism. 

But the reason for Christmas, Christ Jesus, provides hope for the eventual victory of love and joy over loss and grief. His love, his resurrection, and his return to reclaim our broken world is the true meaning of Christmas. So, we have fun and enjoy both Santa and the baby Jesus, knowing that he grew into the man who would teach us how to live and be fully human with the sure promise of living with him forever.

Merry Christmas!
Brenda Carmody